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Steel Knuckle Gloves Model AA84116

The Steel Knuckle Gloves are high-quality leather gloves with 8oz. of steel shot sewn into the knuckle area of each glove. Superior to that of powdered lead, the innocuous looking Steel Knuckle Gloves pack a serious punch, and will stun and subdue the violator in their tracks. Increase your striking power in hand to hand combat situations and take down your target with efficiency and speed.

These steel-filled gloves are now available to the public. Law enforcement has been using them for years to help win fights with unruly suspects. The gloves are available in two sizes, Large or X-Large. The X-Large Steel Knuckle Gloves are closer to standard Large sizes and the Large size are closer to Medium. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


    • 8 oz. of steel per glove
    • High quality leather
    • Available sizes: Large and X-Large
    • Color: Black